Welcome to Zion Temple M.B.C.

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Zion Temple MB Church aims to lead souls to Christ through teaching, discipleship, and selfless-service. The Bible is clear that we are to go ye therefore, teaching all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe everything commanded by Jesus Christ (Matt. 28:19-20).



To reach all those who may not know God and understand the depth and power of His love. We spread the Good News of the Gospel so that all who are lost have the opportunity to be saved by our gracious and sovereign Lord.

We're all about relationships

Life isn’t about who you know. It’s about who really knows you.

Life is an adventure. It’s painted with celebrated victories and littered with agonizing defeats. Regardless of the season we are in, we all need the love and support of family and friends. Your faith journey is both very personal and very social. Life is better together, so we work hard to be a place where you can expect to meet new friends and grow with a Church Family who really loves you.

Music That Moves You

Don't be confused. This isn't a concert.

These are the sounds of Zion. These songs are the lyrics that flow from our hearts to our King. We sing because we love Him!  We're blessed because HE LOVES US!

Dynamic Preaching

We believe that the Bible is the greatest source of truth.

Worship is centered around the Word and by this we mean the Word Incarnate, Jesus Christ. We worship God the Father in relationship with Jesus the Son, the One by whom we have access to God. Jesus is the embodiment of God’s Word, the Scripture. Each time we gather for worship, the Bible is explained in ways that all people can understand it, so that the Word is open and accessible for all.


We value family

Parenting is hard. We're here to help.
You shouldn't be on your own to do something as important as raising a family.  At Zion Temple MBC, we believe "It takes a village..." and we work hard to ensure that there is a safe and loving environment for your children, age infant to young adult.  There are a number of well-planned, supervised, exciting events for children including skating, bowling, overnight lock-ins, and church picnics.  At Zion Temple, we provide our young people with opportunities to sing, to act, to perform spoken word and to participate in Biblically-based classes and workshops.  We believe it is important to give our young people many chances to socialize with friends as they grow in Christ.

Common Questions

We will try our best not to embarrass you. Although visitors are occasionally asked to stand, you do not have to speak. We only use this time to recognize you, wish you a warm welcome and say, "We're glad you're here!"

You’ll find everything from casual clothes to business suits at our worship experiences. Zion Temple is not about what you look like or what you wear. Dress in what is comfortable for you!

At Zion Temple MBC, your child won't have a chance to be bored. Our Youth Ministry includes: A Youth Bible Study, Youth Praise Dance, A Youth Choir and Sunday School Classes that cater to every level between Beginners all the way to Young Adults. Zion Temple provides many opportunity for young people to have fun as they grow in Christ.

At Zion Temple, we believe that we are never more "God - Like" than when we give. Generosity is important, but we do not want you to feel obligated to a specified dollar amount. When you give, you are not only helping to keep the doors of the church open, i.e. mortgage, electricity, heat, but you are also meeting the needs of those in the community who are struggling. So at all times we encourage you to give as God has placed it upon your heart to give.

Plan A Visit

Be our honored guest.
Everything we do is from the belief that we have a mission to create space where everyone feels welcome to become a part of the Zion Temple Family. We want you to be able to discover all that God has for you! We hope you’ll plan a visit and we can’t wait to meet you!